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Leann Rimes Wins the Masked Singer America

Season 4 of the Masked Singer in America came to an end on Wednesday and the coveted Golden Mask trophy was awarded to The Sun aka The Sun. After a dynamic season of powerful performances, The Sun unmasked and unmasked herself as none other than the celebrated singer LeAnn Rimes.

Rimes repeatedly brought the celebrity panel to tears with a wide variety of songs from different genres that were a perfect showcase of her vocal talents.

“There was so much thought about the costume and the song choices, it was a lot of work,” says Rimes. “I really had a very specific story that I wanted to tell and The Sun was like this very visual representation of everything I’m bringing into the world right now with my own music.”

For Rimes it was a constant challenge to push boundaries and undermine expectations.

“It was absolutely tough, and as a singer, of course, singing is my focus. I don’t care what I look like, I don’t care what move I do, I have to sound good,” weight on my body when singing these really powerful songs. “

During her time on the show, it was revealed that only two people, including her husband, Eddie Cibrian, knew she was involved.

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